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'Time is precious'

Reliquiae approaches modernism with detailed respect for tradition. “Time is precious” is the motto behind a company that creates bags on a one-by-one basis, gingerly selecting, cutting and stitching the leather. Their master craftsmen carefully sand and varnish mahogany appliqués and cast the metal pieces. The brand’s online store ships worldwide and offers a customization service that transforms perfect and everlasting creations into unique works of art.


Under the Catalonian sun in the region of Empordà, slowly lulled by the gusty winds of the Tramontane…. The childrenswear brand seeks to present its ‘Farmers’ collection for the spring-summer 2016 season under this specific spell. It’s a tribute to the earth in the form of simple, versatile and comfortable silhouettes that abide by the slow manufacture philosophy. With physical points of sale in thirty countries, Little Creative Factory extends its sustainable approach to kids’ clothing through an honest and charming e-shop, providing wardrobe essentials to the most imaginative minds on the planet.

'Inflatable goods'

“Inflatable goods?” Beyond the racy undertones to their cheeky marketing claim, The Wrong Company rightly produces shirts and shorts that encourage an escape from ennui while committing to an irreverent style and attitude. Atypical designs and bright colors are used to create crafty, eye-catching clothing that will make you stand out from the crowd. Is everything good in life either illegal, immoral or fattening? Not at The Wrong Company’s internationally accessible e-shop.

A different, innovative and stylish

“For all women to crave something from Riverside in their wardrobes.” This is a goal that the Spanish womenswear brand is well on its way to achieving. Their most iconic pieces, the trench coat and their flowy dresses with original prints, can be found in assorted multi-brand retail spots in France, Ireland and Germany…. The company is currently celebrating spring with a collection inspired by the tropical flower trend and nautical fashion styles, that crosses all borders from its recently opened e-shop. Implementing a renewed and responsive web design that offers bilingual customer service, the site will keep users abreast of the brand’s latest news and offer detailed information on their pieces, purchase conditions, shipments, contact, and guarantees … so that the entire Riverside universe is just a click away.

Fashion for the heroes of the

Soulful pieces with simple silhouettes made of all-natural materials for the heroes of the future. Comfort and style reign supreme in the children’s fashion collections of this Spanish brand founded in 1953 and available worldwide through its e-shop where, like its network of stores, fun and spontaneity are the rules of the game.


Designed in La Coruña and made in Ubrique, two of the epicenters of the Spanish textile and leather goods industry, Castor Polux handbags and accessories are the epitome of discreet luxury. These wardrobe essentials were meant to last and stand out for their simplicity, sophistication and quiet elegance. Their sleek online store, which mirrors the clean, refined designs and craftsmanship of their products, caters to the whole of Europe.

'Modern vintage'

Anton Heunis’ “Modern vintage” has loyal followers in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Scandinavia and the United States. With them in mind, the brand strengthened its exclusive distribution network one year ago by creating its own e-shop offering free EU shipping for purchases over €200. The polished design highlights the nostalgic ‘allure’ of the vintage stones and Swarovski crystals in its maximalist pieces of designer jewellery.

'Jewel Shoes'

Lola Cruz is keeping pace with the international fashion circuit, reconciling the needs of industry experts with those of end consumers. The website lists agents, showrooms, exhibitions and points of sale, alongside catalogues and striking fashion films that set her jewel shoes in context. And there’s good news for online shoppers: delivery and returns are free of charge within the EU.


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