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Hiphunters.com reveals Spain's most influential fashion-bloggers.

The blogosphere has become an essential part of the fashion industry and its main members, the bloggers, are in fashion. There were few who initially joined the blog world to start talking about how they see fashion, but today, it has become one of the industry’s heavyweights. Some of them have managed to find their niche, designing their own collections, being a brand image, going to fashion shows and parties of leading boutiques, and some, have even walked the red carpet in Cannes. Here a list of the most international Spanish bloggers.

Pelayo Díaz from www.katelovesme.net
Pelayo was one of the first to start on the blogosphere. He started narrating his experiences in London while studying at Central Saint Martins, and today is the designer for the Davidelfin complements.

Aída Domenech from http://www.dulceida.com/
Aida has worked as a fashion stylist repeatedly and does not discard to keep on doing that. However, what she is really passionate about is acting and therefore she would like to become an actress

Jessica from http://seamsforadesire.com/
Jessica has many loyal followers and has become a required reading in the blog universe. Adding three of the most popular social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, she has about 50,000 followers

Mike y Gabriel from http://www.cupofcouple.com/
Perhaps, along with Pelayo, these are the country's most popular men bloggers. In cupofcouple the have pictures of events they attend, as well as photographs and videos that they make for brands like Louis Vuitton or magazines like Harper's Bazaar and Esquire.

Paula Ordovás from http://www.mypeeptoes.com/
She started Mypeeptoes while doing an internship in Vogue. She wanted to convey all that she lived there when the blog universe was still not so saturated. Since then she has been linked to fashion as a public relations and journalist.

Janne from http://www.janneinwonderland.com/
Janne who resides in Germany, opened her blog in 2011 to share her creativity and ideas. She doesn’t stop thanking the opportunities the blog has generated for her, as well as the people who she had the opportunity to meet.

Silvia from http://stylelovely.com/bartabacmode/
This girl from Vigo created her blog by mere hobby. Soon after, she became one of the most read blogs in Spain. Today Silvia has her own clothing line, À Biciclette, which sells online and in more than 60 outlets.

Mónica Parga from http://www.missatlaplaya.com/
The blog is not dedicated solely to fashion. Art plays an important role in Monica’s blog. Last year she won the Marie Claire’s award for the best fashion blog in the country.

Mireia Oller from http://stylelovely.com/mydailystyle/
This blogger from Barcelona started blogging in 2008 and has become one of the top ones in Spain. In the Bloglovin platform, last month, her blog ranked 45 and is credited with over 31,000 followers.

Saray from http://www.dansvogue.com/
Saray loves vintage clothes and she always looks very natural in her posts. Also, her blog is full of positivism, humor and wonderful artwork created by her.

Natalia Cabezas from http://trendytaste.com/
Someone had to convince Natalia to create her blog, but thanks to this online betting she got to work for brands like Dior and Givenchy, she had the opportunity to collaborate in magazines, and to be a speaker in conferences.

Priscila from http://www.myshowroomblog.com/
Priscilla is other blogger that has the support of social networks and platforms. She has thousands of followers (more than 25,000) and in these few years, that her blog has been online, she has become a reference.

Erea from http://www.allthatshewantsblog.com/
Erea is fashion stylist and uses her blog to share her looks, her inspiration and everything that she likes and will encounter in her day to day life. Erea shares the blog with her boyfriend, who is in charge of the photos and illustrations.

Laura Hayden from http://horaconfessions.com/
The blog was created in Tokyo in 2009 by the models Laura Hayden and Heather Burton as a tool to keep in touch with their families and friends. In 2012 she changed to a new version, with more sections and collaborators.

Edurne from http://asmmgz.com/rebelattitude/
Her relationship with fashion started when she moved from the País Vasco to Madrid. Since then, writing on her blog, where she projects her personality and sense of humor, has become her hobby.









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