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Luis Méndez Artesano ©Gsus Fernandez05/31/2016The next generations of Spanish craftsmanship

A new wave of cutting edge craftsmanship breathes new life into age-old trades and defends authentic and enduring quality while celebrating one of the more intangible design attributes: creativity. 

Barcarola05/10/2016Classy kids

 With the arrival of spring comes an endless array of ceremonies that tend to fill the family agenda.  Spanish childrenswear brands dominate the style field for formal occasions with top-of-the-line looks so tots can take center stage in style at these special events.

Adolfo Domínguez04/19/2016New technologies forge the future of fashion

The challenge of the omni-channel era is how to accompany consumers on their customer journey while offering the most personalized 360° experience possible.  Big data forecast models are now setting the trends to follow.   

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada12/11/2015Give the gift of ‘made in Spain’!

For the year’s biggest shopping season, Spanish designers suggest the perfect gift. 

Adolfo Domínguez11/16/2015Fashion and technology to win over ‘crossumers’

Neither boho, nor mod nor Victorian… Of all the diverse trends that define each new season, two represent the genuine revolution the sector is currently undergoing: responsive and user-friendly.  Or put another way, intuitive multi-device design. The concept is helping top Spanish fashion brands leap across international borders, using the omni-channel passport to guarantee a seamless shopping experience.  

Basaldúa04/23/2015Wedding etiquette

Big multinationals and little ateliers with personal designs rub shoulders in a sector where Spain is an export force to be reckoned with.

01_Londres_ Covent Garden Seven Sisters Dial12/17/2014Spanish fashion all over the world wishes you a very happy festive season

As the busiest shopping season of the year gets underway, Spanish brands show off their sparkle in shop windows everywhere.

www.katelovesme.net09/23/2013Spain's stars of the blogosphere

Hiphunters.com reveals Spain's most influential fashion-bloggers.

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